Applaud Him Prod​.​Nightbreed

by Nestor Navarrete

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1st. Track off the upcoming mixtape Stairway To Heaven
Pusha T Nostalgia ft. Kendrick Lamar Remix


Thanks for the motivation. schoolin all you scholars, ill dismiss you like these allegations. im smoking dope, im smoking on myself. me myself and i don't fuck wit nobodys else. so tell your local rappers im going for there necks. at this moment its fuck nike, fuck checks. you could pay me in respect. fuck jay thomas, if i mention you im crossing you off my hitlist. i dont diss niggas, i dismiss. you gon hate that you love this. pussy nigga you feline. just know that i wrote this on my free time. been juggling verbs with my jugular. i even talk dope with my drug dealer. she my west side connect. you don't needa connect, the dots to see the bigger picture. i fucks wit ya. so fuck wit me cuz im destined to blow, like a middle eastern baby named Mohammed. shout out to the city, i must pay homage. listen to me if you tired of that garbage. just know that im in the builden . my simplest shit can turn a simpleton to rumplestilsten . and thats a methaphor for the dark in my heart. you aint neva heard of a shark with a bark. like i was crossbred in noa's arc. i been plotting this for centuries. im college educated you niggas so elementary. if life gives me lemons, fuck it I'll cut down that lemon tree and plant money seeds. for all my niggas to eat. Nestor Navarrete hoe, get off your seat. and applaud him. somebody appluad him. the son of a man, the son of a woman. props to you do dad, i love you mom ill never love another woman.


released October 31, 2013
Prod. Nightbreed



all rights reserved


Nestor Navarrete Phoenix, Arizona

Nestor is an up and coming Artist out of Phoenix, Arizona. Give it a listen and become a fan.

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